We connect widowed people with each other through programs offered by Soaring Spirits Canada and Soaring Spirits International.

  • Camp Widow An uplifting, life-affirming event planned for widowed people by widowed people.
  • Newly Widowed Information, resources and understanding for those who are recently widowed.
  • Regional Social Groups Regular social gatherings of widowed people all over North America and selected locations globally.
  • Widow’s Voice Blog The largest library in the world of blogs written by widowed people about love, grief, and life after the death of a partner.
  • Widowed Village Our 24/7 online community is a place to write, read and share thoughts with other widowed people.

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These beautiful, strong widows/widowers help me so much. I found a place that I feel truly like I can be normal, people that understand what I am going through. I also feel encourage sto live again, that it is ok that I am different from who I use to be. LONG LIVE LOVE!

– Jennifer

My first Camp Widow was an amazing experience. Unquestionably the most caring and inspiring group of people I will ever meet!

– Devin

Camp Widow has played a major part in my ability to handle the loss of my wife, and has been so helpful to me as a single dad. The connections and widowed friendships that I have made are priceless.

– David